So what is this all about?


What we're offering

Our products are digital recordings - sample libraries - of instruments. Those sets allow for the sound of the sampled instruments to be played "virtually" on your computer, e.g. with a MIDI keyboard.


What do I need to play the samples?



Pretty much any recent computer - Windows or Mac system - shall do. We recommend at least 2 GB of RAM plus you'll need harddisk space to store the library (depending on the instrument and the sample resolution, between 1-20 GB). You also need a low-latency soundcard. Any latency lower than 10ms works for most people - most soundcards can handle that. That's it - your system is ready to go. If in doubt, please drop us a line.



For playing the instrument in real-time, you'll need a keyboard with a MIDI connection (or USB). If you have a MIDI keyboard, you'll need a MIDI interface at your computer/soundcard.



Finally, you'll need a software sampler to load the samples. Native Instruments™ Kontakt® (full version required, version 2 or above), Steinberg™ HAlion® (version 3 or above) or the sampler within the Apple™'Logic® sequencer is fine. Ableton™ Live® also contains a compatible sampler that can import the formats.

Attention: Some stripped-down "light"/free versions of those products (like HAlion SE® or HAlion Sonic 7®) do not allow for 3rd party content like ours to be loaded (separate versions of the "German Harpsichord 1738" and "German Spinet 1767" libraries, running with those samplers, can be purchased through Steinberg directly). The free Kontakt Player® only handles 3rd party content like ours in a "demo" mode of the full Kontakt® sampler.


The samples?

You'll receive them by download delivery. The samples come in .WAV file format with presets for the software samplers mentioned above.


Which resolution?

We recommend the typical resolution you're working with in your environment. If you work at 44.1 or 96 kHz within your sequencer, we recommend going the same route for the samples.

If you're playing the samples "live" as stand-alone-application, feel free to use a high sample rate for a more real sounding experience. However, please make sure your soundcard supports higher rates, and please be aware that higher sample rates require more disk space/RAM and processor power.



Our samples come in 24-bit file format to provide low digital noise floor. Your software sampler will have no problem handling 24-bit files within a 16-bit sequencer arrangement.


License-free usage

Last but not least: After buying our samples, you're free to use them within your (commercial) productions. The only restriction: The re-distribution of the single samples as such is not allowed.

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