Nicolay Ketterer
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone ++ 49 (0)721 / 6624823

UST-IdNr.: DE227487737

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Bank information
Bank name: Sparkasse Karlsruhe-Ettlingen
IBAN: DE87660501011021200926
Account holder: Nicolay Ketterer

Photos "Edition Beurmann" by Andreas E. Beurmann. Used with kind permission of Andreas Beurmann.
Layout "Edition Beurmann"/"Edition Organeum"/"Edition MIM"/"Edition Germanisches Nationalmuseum": Mirjam Petrovic.

Thank you to Tobias Birkenbeil and Steffen Fahl for their demo performances. All examples were played with the respective sample library, not the actual instrument. Reverberation included in some of the demo performances up until 2015 is from reverberation impulses (Pure Space & Hollywood Impulse Responses) produced by Ernest Cholakis for Numerical Sound.

Cover image credits - realsamples legacy series:
"5-String Bass Collection": Hugo Tolila
"60s Synth Collection": Doug Nelson
"73 Stage Piano Collection": ImageDJ
"Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.1": Joe Bertagnolli
"Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.2": Paul Laragy
"Bass Guitar Collection": Ivan Waumans
"Concert Guitar Collection": Kyle Maass
"Classic Bass Collection": Rob Harpenau
"Electric Guitar Collection Vol.1": Ben Walker
"Electric Guitar Collection Vol.2": Ben Walker
"Hollow Body Guitar Collection Vol.1": Jeff Griffin
"Hollow Body Guitar Collection Vol.2": Jeff Griffin
"Overdriven Guitar Collection": Per-Anders Jansson
"Real Drums Collection": Wayne Stadler
"Slap Bass Collection": Ivan Waumans
"Vintage Bass Collection": Bruce MacQueen

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