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mp3 Demo - Clara Schumann - Impromptu op 9

mp3 Demo - Carl Reinecke - Praeludium op 123-4

Demo tracks by Steffen Fahl


mp3 Demo - Praeludium - Johann Kuhnau

mp3 Demo - Sarabande - J. C. F. Fischer

Demo tracks by Tobias Birkenbeil

The performances contain additional reverb.


The Pianoforte library offers the unique sound of a historical pianoforte from Traugott Berndt in Breslau in 1848. Built by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt himself, who was appointed courtly instrument maker of the King of Prussia the year before, the historical piano sports a graceful, charming yet smart and slinky sound hidden in a plain-Jane bourgeois Biedermeier style housing.


Traugott Berndt pianoforte - photo by Andreas E. Beurmann

The Traugott Berndt pianoforte was given to the Mendelssohn-Haus in Leipzig as a gift by Andreas Beurmann in November 2007.

It is now available for the first time for your sampler, presented in its original tuning at 433 Hz (presets in 440 Hz are included as well).

To deliver the ultimate pianoforte experience, we captured the sound with 32 velocity layers of each note for great dynamics, feel and sound. This addresses a common problems often associated with digital sample pianos: The playing feel and sound of just a few layers is nothing like the real deal.

Furthermore, we recorded the key release sounds in 8 varitions to complete the experience of the instrument.

Presets are included for HAlion®, Kontakt® (full version required) and EXS24® software samplers. In addition to the samples, the Pianoforte library contains an essay in German by Dr. Andreas Beurmann, explaining the background of the instrument.

The sample library contains nearly 3.300 single samples.


For the recording of this pianoforte, we employed tube-driven Royer® R-122V ribbon microphones in conjunction with Crane Song™ Flamingo® preamps and Universal Audio™ 2192® digital converters. The instrument was recorded at 192 kHz/24 bits, downsampled to your resolution of choice.


Traugott Berndt front logo - photo by Andreas E. Beurmann

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Samplerate 44.1 kHz
Format Kontakt™/HAlion™/EXS24™
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