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The realsamples Piano Spinet Bundle features 2 of our Edition Beurmann libraries. They come with presets for Native Instruments™' Kontakt® sampler (full version required). The bundle features samples in 44.1 kHz/24 bit resolution.


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The following libraries are included:

1) Pianoforte




The Pianoforte library offers the unique sound of a historical pianoforte by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt in Breslau in 1848. Traugott Berndt was appointed courtly instrument maker of the King of Prussia the year before. The historical piano sports a graceful, charming yet smart and slinky sound hidden in a plain-Jane bourgeois Biedermeier style housing. It is available digitally for the first time, captured in its original tuning at 433 Hz (presets at 440 Hz are included).

We captured the sound with 32 velocity layers per note. Furthermore, we recorded 8 key release sounds per key.

The sample library contains nearly 3.300 single recordings.


2) English Spinet II




The English Spinet II library features an instrument built by Benjamin Slade in London around 1705.

Slade's spinets were essential to the history of the instrument. He had apprentices such as Thomas Hitchcock (see our English Spinet library). The sampled instrument shows the qualities for which Slade is known, offering a very sweet-sounding yet majestic and brilliant tone. Only one spinet and one harpsichord of his built have survived.

The spinet still remains fully playable despite its age. It is now available for the first time in the sampler, presented in its original Valotti tuning at 410 Hz (presets at 440 Hz included as wel).

Like all spinets and harpsichords, the Slade is not touch-sensitive. However, not any given note will sound exactly the same twice due to different resonances of body and strings. Therefore, we captured 8 variations of each note. Additionally, we recorded 4 key release sounds per key.

The sample library contains over 600 single samples.


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